Friday, 30 April 2010

I Win BND$10.000!!

I Win BND$10.000!! Did any one of you receive this SMS? i just received this morning.

I know this is a spam SMS.. if you smart enought, you can see the mistake they make.. $10.000 = $10 dollers.. not $10,000 haha.. even is $ still $10 dollers..


Syful said...

yeah I got mine from Taiwan... freakin spammers... anything to get your passwords & money

jojosochi said...

Hi Syful, wah.. yours even more nicer, from taiwan lagi.. haha..

divinelight said...

lol, got these kind of SMS sometimes. it won't work for me (and most of us), but I think if the culprit send to 200 people, about 1% may be caught in that spam... that's not good.