Thursday, 8 July 2010

iPhone 4

I can't believe i'm actually holding the iPhone 4!! I know some of you know/heard about iPhone 4 got lots of issue like yellow spot, wrong volume button bla bla bla~ After i try the phone, it's really WOW! me XD First thing is the Retina display, it's really sharp i love it so much. Second is the performance, with Apple A4 Processor even more smooth and no lagging when browsing or lanching an app.

Well.. this iPhone 4 is belong to my boss, it's very tempting me to get it XD
View from the back.
Thinner then a pencil? or same size? XD


chubbybots said...

Wow thats fast!!! Quick get your own one fast and review haha!

jojosochi said...

Hi chubbybots, haha.. $2.5k for a iPhone 4 is a bit 'jia lat' for me now. Few day ago, my canon 40d when to ICU. I don't think she can make it this time.. It's time to get new one. Thinking 50d, 7d or 5d.