Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Macross Frontier Collection

Beside the VF-25F clear version, the rest of model kits are bought from CH-Toynation. 3 of them still waiting for the shipment arrive Q_Q still wondering will Bandai release VF-27 and VF-171.

For Ozma unit, i order with Super Parts, any way the parts can use on any models.


Taiko D said...

jojo, actually the VF-25S super messiah parts cannot put to other VF-25 models b'coz of two different resin kit, if you got the messiah and compare to the super messiah its a bit different lorr.. Look on your first VF-25F super messiah, there are some tiny holes, now thats for the super parts to hook on whereas the messiah got no hole at all. Thanks..