Monday, 20 April 2009

PG Strike Gundam GAT-X105

YES!! My wish come true!! My very very first PG gundam XD~ Keep check on the parts, check and check and check and check, before i purchase.

When first meet PG GAT-X105 is at Toysworld Miri, it was 5 years ago(PG GAT-X105 release on 2004). At that time, i make myself a promise, one day i will bring you home. 

Photo taken by Nokia N70.
Shop: Boulevard, Imperial Mall, Miri.
Price: RM850.00
Date of purchase: 19th April 2009

BB Strike vs PG Strike.

At the same time i also grab these BB Gundam and VF-25 Superparts.


Anonymous said...

So EXP For the PG Strike,My friend only buy for rm 530 one month ago...u must go those hobby shop,they will sell cheaper.

jojosochi said...

Hi Andrew, At Miri, Sarawak very hard to have hobby shop. it's a very small place haha.. anyway thanks for the advise ;) cheers

Anonymous said...

Can u add me at your bloglist?if can...I just can say THX!