Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Medicom RAH Ultraman C Type Renewal Ver.

From time to time, there is a Super Hero appear in different ages. Ultraman it's my Childhood Super Hero, then just come Superman, Batman etc.. I still remember all my aunty call me Ultraman when i was child, till now sometime they still call me "Ultraman" haha..

This is the worst toy i had purchase in my life.. not really as mention "Real ACTION Hero" with this price i can buy 2 or 3 Master Grade Gundam and it's POSTable!! The sales person told me, actually those collectors who collect Medicom and Hot Toys, their seldom to keep posting the figure, mostly they just as collection... can't do stop-motion clip for this ultraman.. sigh..

Anyway, i still like it ;) Guys(David John, Alan, Double H, Actfigman, tagashie, Taiko D, thanks for cheers me up ;) Thank you.

Photo taken by Nokia N70
Shop: XL-Shop, Mid Valley Megamall Outlet
Price: RM498.00
Date of purchase: 9th April 2009

Inside view. Got two set of hands.
So far this is the pose i can make, can't really do the Specium Ray... sigh..
Bought this Ultraman mask for $1.99, in Kiulap. 


imara said...

baik bali d kadai 1.80 saja~