Sunday, 19 July 2009

FG Gundam Dynames - Part 2

Had finish assemble FG Dynames a month ago, gonna do some painting job on him.
These are the paint and tools i need.
Separate the parts, before start painting.
After a while here you go, body front part. The part i circuit need to fill in red, before i do that, i use white as my foundation colour. 

The reason i put foundation it's because the original part are base in green colour (Refer A01). If paint without foundation, the red will become darker red.
Sigh.. my cacat skill.. 
Back view.
Head. As you know FG gundam head are very smart.. after apply the colour, make my eyes become @_@
Left arm. Darker colour it's easy paint on the parts. No need to paint many layer.
Sneak preview for the unfinish work. End of post.

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