Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Singapore Trip, Tools Restock

Phew~ After Singapore Trip, was busy on work, hundred of mail waiting me to check XD

Here you go, all brought from Singapore trip. I didn't buy HG or MG gundam at this trip, maybe didn't spotted the model i want.

Finally get all 5 Keroro set. Brought these at OG, got sale at that time so SGD$10 for two. Normal price are $13.95 each. If you purchase over $20, can get a free book call Kero-Pla Secret File.

Close up look for the price tag, 2 for $10.00 XD can you believe?

Let see what is inside the book, it's show some of the transformation for the Samurai Warrior series.

And it's come with some extra stickers too, cool~

Anyone heard Hasegawa Hobby Kits before? This is my first time saw this modeling kit, it's call Eggplane Series. Do some research, find out this Hasegawa Hobby Kits more concentrate on air plan. I guess those who play plane modeling will know this brand. Click here to view full list of Eggplane Series.

It's look so cute XD

See what is inside the box. Looks very simple to assemble but require glue to assemble the kit. Surprisingly they give decal, instead of giving sticker.

Lastly, my tools. Ok that's all for today. Cheers!