Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Jedi Costume - Part 2

This post is requested from a friend, he wanted to see the costume in details.

Here is some requiements to make a Jedi costume. The Robe, Outer Tunic, Inner Tunic, Obi/Tabards, Pants, Boots, Belt and Lightsaber. I didn't really follow exactly the requiements, like i skip the inner tunic(due to Borneo weather haha..), belt(this one need to custom made,) and boots(had mention in the previous post, still looking.)

Outer Tunic. Basically is similiar lika taekwondo out fit.
Outer Tunic, Obi/Tabards and "fake" belt haha..
With Robe. Feel the Force? haha..
Fake hair? What is this for? It's for the braided hair. See the next picture below.
I'm not so sure about this, but I notice mostly Padawan have it. Brought this at The Mall Exhibition(Brunei) few day ago. 3 for B$10. Not sure out there go sell this kind of thing, seldom notice.
(Remark: The braided hair it's to mark a padawan who is usually under a master. It is sliced off by a master Jedi from the council after being knighted. Therefore making him a Jedi knight. Thanks to Amir for the information.)
Closer look on the clip. I should ask my gf help me do the braided hair.


Willy said...

That's hair extension. Hahaha...

jojosochi said...

Willy, haha.. yeah.. i tried clip on my hair, i'm look very gay.. haha..

DivineLight said...

That's good custome you have.
do you go to cosplay event with that?

jojosochi said...

Divinelight, Thanks man. Still waiting, cause i missed last December09 Cosplay event haha..