Thursday, 25 February 2010

Jedi Costume

"Patience. Use the force. Think." - Obi-Wan.

This is my first costume, so i gonna do an interview to myself.. haha..

Q: Why that character?
JJ: Actually i'm been thinking quite a long time to decide and make this costume, there is few characters in my mind, eg. Ultraman, Stromtrooper, Son Goku, SWAT.. (i think that's all). Why i choose Jedi, it's because the material issue, and i'm in love with the Hasbro Ligthsaber, so i pick Jedi as my cosplay. Oh, by the way i'm cosplaying Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Q: Have you ever dreamt of going to the San Diego Comic-Con?
JJ: YES! If there is a chance. I'm also interested on Japan Anime Expo.

Q: What are your favorites characters to make cosplay costumes for?
JJ: Mm.. Ultraman? haha.. Stormtrooper is my second choice.

Q: If someone were to have a cosplay party in town, would you attend?
JJ: If i'm invited, sure yes ;)

Q: Do you create the accessories as well or are those store bought and redecorated?
JJ: For the ligthsaber i just bought from a toy shop, i'm still looking vegan wedge boots. It's hard to find, cause normally is for girls.. haha..

Q: How much do you spend on costume?
JJ: Costume B$200, Lightsaber B$200.

Without rope.
Special thanks to my dressmaker Esther. I guess this will be my first and last costume. It's quite hot actually.. i really really salute those folks who cosplaying Stromtrooper. Good job guys!


kaymaroo said...

u make that custom?? Who is Esther?? That a nice custom jjosochi..

Darren Wen said...

I want dark vader costumes :D! nice one bro!

jojosochi said...

Kaymaroo, thanks man, Esther is the dressmaker who make this costume.

Darren, haha.. can can. SG got sell star wars costume?

chubbybots said...

Nice outfit you got there....I sense the force in you!!!

divinelight said...

may the force be with you.

fight the evil stormtrooper, lol.

jojosochi said...

Chubbybots, May the force be with you! XD

jojosochi said...

Divinelight, haha.. actually i like stormtrooper out fit. hehe.. planning to get, but too expensive XD