Monday, 21 February 2011

Game and Watch

Have you ever own one of this console during 1981-1990? This ancient console is call Game & watch from Nintendo.
I believe most of the "20th century kids" never see and never play this console before, but for those old folks like me, YES! And it's bring back a lot old memories :)

To find out more about Game & Watch, click here.

Well, I only manage to get 3 of this from ebay, it's not really the actual size, it's approx. about 3.5cm (H) x 6cm (W).
Here is the line-up. (From left to right Octopus, Chef and Parachute.)
Till now i can still remember the G&W Octopus game i played when i was small. When i was a kid, i remember my friends bring G&W to school, when i was secondary school those kids had upgraded to playing Game Boy. When I am working, the kids nowadays are bring iPhone, iPod, NDS, PSP to school..

Looking back at the evolution of console games from the past, e.g. Atari > Nintendo > Game boy > Sega Genesis > Game Gear > Nintendo 64Bit > Neo Geo > Sega GameCast > PlayStation > etc, we seeing that even though the game industry keep on changing and upgrading from time to time, (from mini console to big console, back to mobile console and back to big console and back to mobile console..) yet the fact remains that no matter whether it is big or small, everyone loves to play games.

Close-up look on the "Chef".
Too bad this is just a solar key holder, not playable but still very collectable.
Edited by Slyvia.


Syful said...

Cheiii classic mann...

LEon said...

Classic I remember playing the diver ones. Those were the good old days. Good purchase.