Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Mini Collectible: Android Standard Green Version

Has been waiting for this about a month. Finally it's arrived! Order from play-asia.com Knowing this goodies from Open The Toy, Thank's LEon!
I gonna review Original version and Bootleg version. First start with the packaging. Left is the original version, on the right is bootleg version. For your info, if you notice the label box "mini collectible" (Left) this is stand alone item, and "mini collectibles series 01" (Right) this is come with a box set. Click the highlighted link for details.
Side view and back view.
Top and bottom view.
Ok, it's face-off time! Let's begin! Left is the original version, on the right is bootleg version.
The color slightly different, for the bootleg version the hand is bending inside.
The "Android" word is more stand out from the original figure.
Seems like the original figure is taller then the bootleg figure.. haha.. here is another article from the official site about the fake figure. Click here.
Well that's all for today, before closing this post, REAL android has something to announce.
Here is some sneak previews of Series 02! Hexcode, Cupcake and GreenOn. Series 02 will be hitting the dead zebra shop and dozens of stores both online and in meatspace in early March! More details and previews as we get closer to release!
Special thanks to Tham!


LEon said...

You are welcome Jojo. Glad that you get one and do a bootleg and original review. The new transparent android on concept look good. Have to see if the actual one look like. LOL

jojosochi said...

Ya.. like the transparent version too. Seems they didn't ship to Brunei or Malaysia :(

Liem said...

they both look very neat anyway.. but thnx for the review, some people probably needs a review like this so badly, afraid if their recently bought android collectibles is the bootleg version, lol

jojosochi said...

For the Green one hardly notice, if other version it's easy to differentiate, pay attention on the painting. You know what, I get the bootleg version is same price with the original!! XD