Saturday, 29 October 2011

BB218 MS-06F ZAKU II Part 3

Experiment 2: Dry Brush, Take 2.
This time I'm not using the salt weathering technique as my skills are not that advanced yet. After removing the previous color, I repainted it again using same Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow.

As you can see on the left is the first layer of dry brushing, which came out quite close to the effect that I wanted. The picture on the right was taken after applying the second layer.

Applying the same method to the rest of the parts.

Experiment 3: Camo Weathering.
I used 3 Tamiya color XF-60 Dark Yellow, XF-57 Buff and XF-10 Flat Brown for the camo weathering. Since I already painted Tamiya XF-60 Dark Yellow, the next step was applying the Tamiya XF-10 Flat Brown for the second color. Looks like a dinosaur egg XD

3rd color followed by Tamiya XF-57 Buff.

After I painted all 3 colors, I had do some color overlap touch up. Look at picture below, can you spot the difference?

Experiment 4: Weathering.
I'm not sure what is the correct term for this weathering technique, so please update me if you know. There are a few ways to do the same effect; the most common way is by using grey or silver with dry brush technique. The 2nd method involves using a small brush or tooth pick to dip some grey color, followed by gently applying it on the edge.

The 3rd method is the one that I used for my model. First, I need to apply a base color (dark or silver color up to the preference of the modeler) Mm.. in short, these are the steps I took:
Black(base color) --> Top coat (to protect the base color) --> Applying camo color or any color you wish to put --> Thinner + cotton buds (to remove the color on the edge). The results of my efforts are shown below:

This weathering technique requires thinner and a lot of cotton buds XD When you remove the color, please don't rub too hard or you might also remove the base color.

Another close up look on the kit.

Lastly applying water decal. Editing by Sylvia.

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Fajaradhies Sunarno said...

Woow you finally return
if you only post when the end of the year alone?

your zaku is cool...
clean repaint, good theme

jojosochi said...

Hi Fajaradhies Sunarno, How are you? I'm currently working on Jesta :) Good job on your Strike Rouge Perfect Grade model GD.

Fajaradhies Sunarno said...

i'm fine..
oohh...that's make you busy now ya?
it's not good enought for me...
but thankyou..