Thursday, 25 February 2010

Jedi Costume

"Patience. Use the force. Think." - Obi-Wan.

This is my first costume, so i gonna do an interview to myself.. haha..

Q: Why that character?
JJ: Actually i'm been thinking quite a long time to decide and make this costume, there is few characters in my mind, eg. Ultraman, Stromtrooper, Son Goku, SWAT.. (i think that's all). Why i choose Jedi, it's because the material issue, and i'm in love with the Hasbro Ligthsaber, so i pick Jedi as my cosplay. Oh, by the way i'm cosplaying Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Q: Have you ever dreamt of going to the San Diego Comic-Con?
JJ: YES! If there is a chance. I'm also interested on Japan Anime Expo.

Q: What are your favorites characters to make cosplay costumes for?
JJ: Mm.. Ultraman? haha.. Stormtrooper is my second choice.

Q: If someone were to have a cosplay party in town, would you attend?
JJ: If i'm invited, sure yes ;)

Q: Do you create the accessories as well or are those store bought and redecorated?
JJ: For the ligthsaber i just bought from a toy shop, i'm still looking vegan wedge boots. It's hard to find, cause normally is for girls.. haha..

Q: How much do you spend on costume?
JJ: Costume B$200, Lightsaber B$200.

Without rope.
Special thanks to my dressmaker Esther. I guess this will be my first and last costume. It's quite hot actually.. i really really salute those folks who cosplaying Stromtrooper. Good job guys!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

My Dad's Masterpiece

I have always wanted to take pictures of my dad's masterpieces. I managed to get the opportunity to do so this year. Unfortunately, some of the planes had been spoilt.

During my dad's time, toys was a luxury to find since only the rich would have the capability to buy them. My dad thus made his own toy airplane to play. A reporter found out about the toy planes that he made and his picture and planes made it in the newspaper. This was in the year 1960 something.

I ever heard my dad mention that he had a indigenous friend who was very good with painting. My dad would make the planes and he would paint them. Haha.. through this, I found out that my dad has an english name called Benjamin Jong. The name was given by my dad's friend. I was shocked and surprised that my dad had an english name!
The two airplanes seen here (2 wings) was especially made by my dad due to a request by me.
This is the smallest airplane he has even built.
It is a pity some parts of the airplane was damage.
I was wondering how he made the body of the plane using one piece of wood and no gluing.
This part is the most difficult one to make. The plane's propeller was made with one piece of wood and can be made to turn when the wind blows on it.
Propellers in action.
This is another type of plane. Not sure what the words mean. It says "ka li po".

Look familiar right? My dad using pencil wood for the tyres.
This was the picture the reporter took of him. According to my dad, he was about 16 years old. As you can see in this picture, he made a big plane. The pictures of the planes I took was built in 1990 something. This shows that my dad had slowly been honing his skills over the years, building smaller and more challenging plane models.

Prologue: Seeing my dad's enthusiasm and drive has been the motivating factor for me to continue to strive to perfect my skills in assembling plastic models as well as to improve my skills as a graphics designer. Editing by Sylvia.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Night Market in Miri

Every year, when Chinese New Year approaches, many chinese people in this town will set up booths selling a variety of decorations and food as well as having performances and fireworks. The majority of the population would come and visit these booths just to come and have a feel of Chinese New Year.

About 11pm i hung out with Darren and his brother Kelvin. We brought our gear for photoshooting; Darren: Nikon D90, Kelvin: Sony HDR-FX1000, Me using Canon 40D.

Lion dance performance.
According to cina people saying, "by touching lion dance's lion will bring you luck."
On our way home, there was a huge traffic jam. We thought it was a roadblock to catch people during this festive time.
When we drove back on the other side, we found out it was an accident.
Eye witnesses say someone was killed in the accident.

The driver of this car was drunk and his car flew over to the other lane and landed on a white car. The driver of that car died but not the drunk driver.
At the right hand corner, you can see part of the white sheet covering the dead man.
Guys, please be careful during this festive season. Edited by Sylvia.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Avatar Story Line


Lately busy on work, having quite post here (catch snake haha..), receive this funny email from a friend, wanna share with you guys~ Enjoy!!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

ThreeB AVPR Alien

Alien: "Hunting time!"
Fighting scene. Poor RX-78NT-1..
Deformed Alien?
Alien: "You look delicious to me.. RRrrrr.."
Exia: "Bring in on!"
"Aaarrrrhhh...." Exia: "What.. what is this?! arrr...."
"Lily !!"