Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nissan GT-R Launching. 26th July 2009

Finally.. it's touches down in Brunei!! Yahoo! i'm so excited that day, too bad my girl friend can't accompany with me.

At first i thought i'm the lonely one.. actually planing after taking few shoot, then go home T_T Suddenlly someone calling my name.. i was like "Ahh..!! you are here!" haha.. after a while, i meet another friend XD haha..

OK, enought chit chat, let's begin!
Nissan GT-R32
Nissan GT-R33

Wanna buy? B$198.00 =_=
At last, Nissan GT-R35. The Legend it's REAL!

My mini GT-R Takara Tommy Choro-Q. Bought from CH-Toynation.
Both GT-R Takara Tommy Choro-Q, on the right is R/C.
hehe.. i'm in newspaper. qizolinee, you in there too haha.. ;) cheers

27th July 2009, United Daily News, in Brunei page, page D3.
Get Free poster at the launching.
These are all my GT-R Collection. Tamiya, Takara Tommy, Choro-Q and Hot Wheels. Wanted to collect transformer version, but i give up T_T

Monday, 27 July 2009

Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base

Brought this Kotobukiya Mechanical Chain Base from CH-Toynation B$29.90. Compatible for Gunpla 1/144 scale models.
Inside the box, just few simple parts and instruction menu. It's very easy to assemble, just like the Action Base.
As you can see this is FG 1/144 scale Exia. Feel like at the workshop changing M-oil haha.. i mean installing turbo.. Oops! i mean installing GN-Drive XD
Overview look.
I combined the Mechanical Chain Base 002 and 005 together, this is how's it look. Cool right?
Too bad, it's not fit with 1/100 scale model.. XD but you can extend the high ;)
00 Gundam series line-up.
Had done painting on the Dynames, 3 to go!
And it's also fit with BB gundam as well. End of post.

Friday, 24 July 2009

FG Gundam Dynames - Part 5

As mention previous post, will removing the extra painted area. Just show your one of the example, actually there are lots of area need to touch up.
Ok, panel lining on the legs.
Finally, all set!
Panel Lining, before and after. Front view.
Back view.

One down, 3 to go XD End of post.
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David John - The Proposal?

David John! you in Brunei Times!!
Click the image to see full size, read full article. All Rights Reserved Ranoadidas.com.

Well, this is another person, not the David John we know.. hehe..

Thursday, 23 July 2009

FG Gundam Dynames - Part 4

Body parts.

Phew~ finally, have finish all the painting.
Ok, have a quick look on the Dynames ;) sigh.. my cacat skill... T_T 
If you notice i have make some changes on the color. The reason i use red: 1st it's Trans-Am mode. 2nd i don't have light purple colour at the moment.. hahaha..

This is the different between Trans-Am mode and normal mode.
Another picture to refer. Exia GN-Arms Trans-Am mode.
Front view.
Back view.
Part 5 will do some touch up, like removing the extra painted area, and adding panel line as well. End of post.

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FG Gundam Dynames - Part 3

This time i gonna put 2nd layer on the kit. This is the result.

Now painting the grey part on the legs. Left foot is after painted.
The hand as well. End of post.
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Sunday, 19 July 2009

FG Gundam Dynames - Part 2

Had finish assemble FG Dynames a month ago, gonna do some painting job on him.
These are the paint and tools i need.
Separate the parts, before start painting.
After a while here you go, body front part. The part i circuit need to fill in red, before i do that, i use white as my foundation colour. 

The reason i put foundation it's because the original part are base in green colour (Refer A01). If paint without foundation, the red will become darker red.
Sigh.. my cacat skill.. 
Back view.
Head. As you know FG gundam head are very smart.. after apply the colour, make my eyes become @_@
Left arm. Darker colour it's easy paint on the parts. No need to paint many layer.
Sneak preview for the unfinish work. End of post.

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