Friday, 30 April 2010


Interesting poster.. haha.. Kung fu master. Comic book hero.

I Win BND$10.000!!

I Win BND$10.000!! Did any one of you receive this SMS? i just received this morning.

I know this is a spam SMS.. if you smart enought, you can see the mistake they make.. $10.000 = $10 dollers.. not $10,000 haha.. even is $ still $10 dollers..

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Speed Grade Collection 1/200 Wing Gundam

While the MG Wing Gundam release not long ago, let me share with you Speed Grade Collection 1/200 Wing Gundam.

It's a gift from my colleague, when he is on KL trip. At first i didn't realize got Speed Grade exist.. after receive this gift, i was "wow! interesting.."

It's using plastic bag, instate of using box.
Back view.
As you can see, it's also have SG 1/200 RX-78-2. Thinking to getting it.
After open it, you can see there is a hard cover menu, and it's contain runners.

So small the face.. XD
Compare with FG 1/144 Exia.
Ah.. forget to mention, the runners are already painted, so save time on doing painting ;)
The runners just like FG, it's easy to assemble, that's why it's call SPEED Grade.

Phew~ finish the upper part.
After 15 minutes later.. Wing Gundam are ready to roll out! Basic weapons and a base stand.
Hm.. should i do the lining? Maybe next time.

Here is another size comparision.
Finally, SD Wing Gundam ;) totally forgot i got assemble this haha..
End of post.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

BB Qubeley Triple Collection

Few day ago, was told by Anime Passion that he get this BB Qubeley Triple Collection at Jalan Tutong Liang Toon Department Store. So i drop by last night and i found it!!
It's only B$29.90. But it's old stock actually.
Surprisingly the runners is metallic finish, this one look similar like pearl white. But hardly see on the picture XD sorry about my photography skill..

You can easily spot the metallic on the red runners.
Too bad, beside this Qubeley, there is no other gunpla at the department store..

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Apple iPad 1st In Brunei

Behold! Apple iPad is here!!
Too bad, i'm not the first hand who holding it.. T_T
This is the official casing for iPad, it sold seperately.

Wonder who will be the first customer own an iPad?
Inside the box. It come with USB contector, wall adapter and iPad menu, nothing else.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

501st Malaysia-Brunei Outpost appearance at GoFigures

Also check out ScarySoul and Paken Iskandar for more photos.

Lightsaber Holders.

3 vs 1? Calling for more Jedi!!

Master Jedi Mike.