Thursday, 28 January 2010

FG Gundam Exia - Part 5

This is the last part of FG Exia, just want to show before and after.

End of post.


Anonymous said...

wow, that's a really BIG difference.
I've a fan of FG before, but yours is as good as an HG.

Great modding.

jojosochi said...

divinelight, mine still ok ok XD still can not compare with pro =S haha.. cheers

Faris said...

Nice paint job looks more like hg to me hehehe,thats in trans am mode right?

chubbybots said...

Great handpaint job again man :D You made FG look like HG Trans Am ^^

The before and after really brings out the work man! Keep it up!

fentz23 said...

great work .
did you apply any top coat on it ?

jojosochi said...

Faris, Bingo~ it's trans-am mode. becasuse i don't have the light purple paint haha.. so i make as trans-am mode. Actually i have make a mistake, when trans-am mode, the GN-Drive is Black in color XD not green.

Chubbybots, Thanks man~ Nice video clip, you had make my day ;)

fentz23, Ah.. not yet, i believe after top coat it will look better.

fentz23 said...

i got a question - did you paint over the white colored parts a new coat of paint - the before and after paint looks different .

fentz23 said...

another question - what type of paint ? water base acrylic or lacquer base ?

jojosochi said...

fentz23, hi sorry for late.

I'm still beginner, hope i can answer your needs ;)

1. Only some part i put White color, then paint the second color, eg. Exia waist part, as know the orginal is Red but the runner is Blue, if you paint directly, the Red will become Dark Red. So i paint White as base color.

Normally Pro modeller use Primer, but i didn't haha.. i use White as my Primer haha.. no money buy Primer haha..

2. I'm using Tamiya Water Base Acrylic, the reason i use Tamiya it's because i can easily restock in Brunei. There is some other brand out there, i only know 3 of them, Tamiya, Mr. Hobby and Gaia.

For me, there is no definition which is the best. It's depend on the modeller. Each tools has unique features to make your masterpiece look furious =)

fentz23 said...