Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Last Sunset of 2009

Today is a special day. After work, I picked up my girl friend then we headed towards Jerudong highway. We weren't sure which beach to go to but eventually we decided to go to Tungku beach.

Once we got there, we found out that we chose the wrong spot to see the sunset since the sun set on the other side. Perhaps Jerudong beach would have offered a better view.

Photo taken by Sony DSC-W55.

A landscape view. Taken by iPhone with photoshop editing.
Teach you guys some tips, how to make Panorama picture using your compact camera or mobile phone.

1. First you need to take 6 to 8 (or more) pictures from left to right, recommend to take portrait pictures(turn your camera vertical).

2. Open Photoshop CS3, Goto FILE > AUTOMATE > PHOTOMERGE.

3. Layout setting set Auto. Then press BROWSE, to choose the pictures.
eg. IMG_01.jpg, IMG_02.jpg, IMG_03.jpg, IMG_04.jpg, IMG_05.jpg, IMG_06.jpg

4. Then press OK. After the photo merge processing, you will have your panoramic picture.

Please note: Before merging, please resize your pictures to a lower resolution, as this will speed up the merging process.

Here is some of sample that i have make,
DEV Meet 5 - Click on the first and second picture to see the full size picture.
BRIDEX 2009 - Click on the last 2 picture, taken by Nokia N70.

Enjoy ;)


HevnBoyz said...

sweet tutorial bro! so romantic... next time bring me go see sunset too! Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

jojosochi said...

Can can, but i suggest you to bring your love one, cause it's more romantic and only you and her ;)

Doing 'investment' on her 'bank account' cannot always withdraw haha.. you might need it some day ;)

Syful said...

haaaa me and my wife went to jerudong beach for the last sunset, it was cloudy also... =.='

Anonymous said...

ah great tutorial dude :D

Love that feeling of just you and that special someone enjoying a quiet moment ^^

jojosochi said...

Syful, oh.. that's bad.. actually was planning to go there T_T

Chubbybots, you are welcome bro, i wish more time to do diorama and assemble gundams XD