Thursday, 21 May 2009

BB No.51 Gundam GP04 - Part 01

BB Gundam GP04 is a very old version BB Gunpla. Before they have this label "BB322" a.k.a. 00 Raiser, they using "No. 51" as the code number. Eg. No.51 Gundam GP04. It's very easy to assemble but yet no really posable.

Shop: Boulevard, Imperial Mall, Miri.
Price: RM19.90
Date of purchase: 19th April 2009
Assemble Date: 18th May 2009

Head comparison GP04 vs Freedom.
Nowadays all the BB Gundams are using Polycaps Joints. To allow your 'a bit' more direction to pose (not to compare with Master Grade), and to avoid the joint broken.
Head done, next stop is arms.
haha.. Gundam without body.. looks funny.
Vicky, this is my BB Freedom ;)
Have a closer look, i'm gonna apply colors now. See i can make as close as the picture provided from the box.
Coloring time~ feel like kindergarten...
Applying white color on the backpack.
Applying Blue on the Head and Shield.
Mm.. i think i need a bigger table..
While waiting the paint dry playing around with my 40D.
Green arrow shows that i make a mistake on the parts, the red color overlap other area. Don't panic, just wait untill it's fully dry and use design knife to get rit of it.
Remember nice and gently, don't pressure too much, it's will spoil your parts.
End of Part 01. Cheers


Evaritus Lau said...

This is what I called clean build.