Friday, 1 May 2009

Modeling Tools

These are some basic modeling tools of mine: nipper, cutter, tweezers, craft knife, modeling brush, masking tape, gundam markers, cotton buds, file set, tamiya thinner/cement Mm.. ignore the spoon and the comb.. just for fun haha..

Any one heard about Nomoken? it's a book about modeling, written by Nomoto Kenichi a.k.a. a modeling master. Book 1's content is more about modeling tools with some explanation about their uses. Book 2 focuses more on practical skills and how to apply them on vehicles, air planes and tanks. Overall, this author is good. I'm not sure whether there is a Book 3. (p/s: although I have read these books, I'm still at the beginner's level T_T)

Bought Book 2 first at Kinokuniya, Singapore for SGD$33.78. Actually they have Book 1 in stock, but it's the Japanese version.. the Chinese version only comes in the next shipment so i didn't buy. After a few months later, I spotted Book 1 at Chong Hock The Mall. I bought it then but I can't remember the price now. Err.. i think it might be BND$15..(Eric, please correct me if i'm wrong) i feel a bit cheated... sigh...


Anonymous said...

Would you be as kind as to post the ISBN numbers of both books? Been looking for the chinese versions for some time now.