Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Fake BB Red Frame

Bought this at Kawanria Toys Enterprise.

Shop: Kawanria Toys Enterprise (2nd floor, The Mall)
Price: B$7.90
Date of purchase: 2nd May 2009

Few things i want to highlight about Fake Gunpla. 1st thing, you will notice there is some extra plastic come out on the parts. See following pictures. Actually it's no a big deal, just take sometimes to touch up using design knife ;)

2nd, I not sure is it all the Fake BB Gundam are included Stand, so far i bought 3 of them are including the stand.
3rd, not really detail as original gunpla.
Finish assemble in a hour.
Something funny here.. free stand but no hole for red frame.. Previous Fake BB Strike also the same +_+
Next thing i gonna apply some colour. Click here to view 360. (Arr.. wanna put the animated 360.. not sure why not working... X_X)
Taking another hour for applying colours. I always use Shield for experiment, didn't follow the actual colour.
Here you go! Click here to view 360.

It's Vader again.. haha.. seems like 3 in 1 combination Vader + Red Frame + Leonardo (Ninja Turtles) I should give him a name.. hmm... Leo Vader Frame?