Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Making of Vader Gundam

Darth Vader's image and name have both become synonyms for evil in the public consciousness. Today will gonna show you how to make the Vader helmet fit into Gundam, and how Akira Skygrasper turn to dark side (haha no such name, just for fun.. :P original name is Anakin Skywalker)

GN, 1st floor, The Mall.
Price: B$5.90
Date of purchase: 14th February 2009

Shall we start? Get a Darth Vader keychain around B$3.80 - B$5.90
Use Clamp to pull out the mini screw, nice and gently.

Touch up a bit on the hole, make it look better.
As you can see, i need to make big hole at the bottom helmet, and need a PC-L (show on the menu) to fit into the helmet.
Had check some for the gundams, there are 2 type of head joins. I call them "Ball join"(refer to Strike body) and "Stick join"(refer to Zaku body). This is the challenging part, how to make the helmet to fit both join?
Check on my extra part.. seems all been used. sigh.. headache now..
Slove the issue later, start making the hole hehe.. Make some marking, in case anythings goes wrong.

*Remark: Please be careful while using design knife. It's really damn sharp.
Something surprise me, i accidentally open the helmet. As you can see, the eyes, helmet, battery and Vader Mask. Everything just fine, non of them broken phew~
Once manage open the helmet, more easy for me to estimate how deep i can cut.
Once you open it, it's hard to put it back. If you aware, there is 3 holes for the helmet, so i need to remove top part hole. Just need to remove small little part, see the next picture.
After removing a small little part of the top hole.
At last... Rice. Darth Zaku. *i mean Rise.. haha
As mention Akira Skygrasper. hehe..
Bottom view.
Manage to get extra part to fit on the Zaku head join. For the "Ball join" still thinking the solutions.
"Impressive work, The force is strong!"
Vader Exia? haha.. enjoy ;) Cheers.
Epilogue: I had found the way to solve Ball join and stick join, just go get one keroro gunso.. =_= ... Keroro Gunso have extra head join, it's allow you to switch their head into Gundams body. Once i try out, will post in here. Cheers!

By the way, this is my first time to do experiment on parts modify.


Taiko D said...

jojo- nicely build bro, with more practise you'll get good skill on building your great gunpla. Keep the good work maybe someday i can ask you to build me some model hehe...

David John Shewsbury said...

Jojo where you bought that Vader head key chain... tell me please... I also want to buy...

jojosochi said...

Hi David John,

Bought it at the Mall, 1st floor and 3rd flood, there are 3 shops are selling the Vader Keychain. i can't remember the shop name haha..

1. 1st floor, near the toilet area, you will notice a small shop selling lots of mobile housing and lighters. Price $5.90

2. 1st floor also, do you know there is a japanese restuarans near the lift? someway there, the shop selling some home deco appliances, i think can say home appliances.. they didn't hanging for display, try look at a small basket they mix around with other keychain. Price $3.80

3. At 3rd floor near the Arcade. Selling mobile accessories also. Price are $5.90

No sure still have stock, just try you luck ;) cheers!

David John Shewsbury said...

Thank you Jojo... very very helpful... I shall get it this weekend...

jojosochi said...

Taiko D, haha.. i still have long way to go. still seeking for 'Gunpla Master', need to learn some Kung Fu. haha..