Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Fake BB Strike Gundam

Just finish assemble last night, bought it from Kawanria Toys Enterprise (2nd floor, The Mall)

Shop: Kawanria Toys Enterprise (2nd floor, The Mall)
Price: B$7.90 Strike and Red Frame
Date of purchase: 2nd May 2009

Shop: Yayasan Hua ho
Price: B$2.90
Date of purchase: Year 2007

Original vs Fake
Fake BB Red Frame. Feel regret after i throw the original box.. T_T
Bought this Fake Force Impulse at Hua Ho Yayasan, $2.90 only...
Unbox the Fake BB Strike Gundam.
Let's begin!
Can you tell me which one is original?
Encounter a minor issue with this part, the hole not fit. After fine tune the hole, it's fit perfectly ;) just nice XD
Take almost 1.5 hours, finaly it's done. phew~
ok, next step i gonna put some colours. Will start on the shield.
sigh.. my cacat painting skill.. look urgry right.. anyone give me some advice?
Hm.. didn't really paint all the details, save the colour for the rest hahah...
At last.. after applying gundam marker, it's look gorgeous ;)
Kira Yokohama! Ikimas!
Kira Yamato vs Kira Yokohama.. hahaha..
Now i can put Striker Weapon System individual.